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Focus Areas

Providing value to businesses in any industry by leveraging knowledge and expertise in areas of applied technology

AI and

How can we leverage AI and automation to simultaneously increase competitiveness and reduce expenses?

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

How will blockchain and cryptocurrencies impact our business and how can we best benefit from progress?

Cross Platform Messaging

How can we integrate communications platforms to maximize our interaction potential with customers?

Data Science and Analytics

What quality and quantity of data are we collecting, how do we use it and how can we improve these processes?

Fintech and Trading

How does technology impact the traditional finance systems and how can we take advantage of these events?

Regulation and Compliance

How can we effectively manage government oversight and regulations that directly impact our business?

Personal Health Optimization

How does personal health and well being affect the efficiency and output of individuals working in an organization?

eCommerce and Marketing

How does the online and mobile experience currently define marketing and what's the best way generate sales?

Mobile Gaming Development

Is there an opportunity available to link our business to mobile gaming including eSports, MMOs and virtual currencies?

Quantum Computing

How far away are practical applications quantum computing and what significant impact will it have on our business?

IOT Hardware and Robotics

How does the hardware component of AI, automation and networking interact with the physical world in our day to day lives?

Brain Computer Interfaces

What will the evolution of using the brain as an interface for the computer look like and what are the opportunities?

Strategic Technology Consulting

Working together to analyze opportunities and challenges and create a future facing strategy that's primarily tech and data driven for specific business models and industries

Designing creative solutions for difficult problems

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Consulting Process

Analysis - Strategy - Tactics - Action - Improve

1. Analysis



Collect and organize relevant industry data, communicate with industry contacts in both leadership and operations roles and then build a comprehensive overview of the state of the industry from multiple angles and viewpoints.


Determine the direction of the industry including existing and developing technology, market behaviour, technology, user needs and expectations, regulations and compliance requirements and competitor trends.


Create innovation design based on industry and user needs, reaching parity or exceeding competitor offerings, detailing opportunities to leverage new technology, outlining ways to improve existing processes and more.

2. Strategy



Clearly define what the value proposition is of the business, how it is differentiated from competitors, what value is being provided to customers and identify other key unique traits about the business model.

Objectives and

Develop clear and detailed objectives that need to be achieved in order to successfully reach the ultimate goal state in addition to defining in clear language the outcomes of each strategic initiative.


Create a cohesive and comprehensive strategic plan including overall goals, objectives and outcomes, summarized analysis data, high level innovation designs, technology, operations and marketing strategies.

3. Tactics



Management of all resources including timelines, financial, team members, software and hardware, locations and more.


Define detailed task based plans to outline how to actually build thing things required to achieve the strategic objectives.

Sales and

Creative plans based on a mix of battle hardened sales and marketing channels and the latest innovations in the area.

4. Action



Actually build the things - follow the plans, manage resources, prepare products and services for release to the public.


Build the deployment infrastructure to make products and services available, scalable, optimized for speed and highly integrated.

Monitoring and

Setup systems to track all possible data, collection and formatting, analysis and data driven decisions for optimization processes.

5. Improve



Review business processes and find ways to improve efficiency, effectiveness, boost quality and quantity, reduce risk and expenses.


Use data coming back to correctly identify problem areas and make fast on the fly adjustments to solve high impact issues.


Build effective contingency plans in preparation for theoretical major issues to minimize risk and increase opportunity benefits.

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Applied Skills

Product Design, Development, Deployment and Marketing


Work with product stakeholders to plan and design feature specification and technical implementation


Create clean, user friendly cross platform UI designs to deliver exceptional user experiences


Modern, high performance front end app development using frameworks like React and Electron


Internal and public backend API's and microservices development using NodeJS, Python, Rust and Go


Manage clean data, create well designed schemas, build complex queries for business analytics


Work with Linux, Docker, Nginx, AWS, CI/CD, TDD to create automated deployment infrastructure pipelines


Create marketings strategies using detailed research, data driven analytics processes and funnel design


Integrate secure and convenient payment systems with fraud prevention and multiple currencies


Test, scale and optimize for conversion using a wide variety of traffic sources including PPC and SEO

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